Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Heat Is On

Well the exciting news of yesterday in South Florida was that Wade and Bosh both signed with The Heat and today we find out about Lebron James.  So today's Etsy Treasury is in honor of all things heat related.

This Fire Show Resin Necklace by Sweet Stella is very cool. It reminds me of the lines created by a sparkler. 

Too cute! I love these little basketball hair clips by Murals with Love. 

Brings a whole new meaning to "Hot Heads".  Fire on Fire is an original art piece by Kinsella Art.

The burlesque lover in me is coveting this Fire Faerie Headdress by Solstice Art. 

I don't normally post a lot of products for men, but these cuff links by Southern Living 26 were just too fun not to mention. 

Avid blog readers know how much I love gnomes and this Heat Map Gnome photo by Created by the 3 Maries makes me love them even more.

And finally.....

Anyone with the talent to use these just amazes me. I definitely don't have the coordination to do this, but if you do - check out the Collapsible Fire Hoops by Bitter End. 

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