Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Let the Sun Shine In

To me, sunflowers are the happiest of flowers. Sure daisies make me smile and tulips are amongst my favorites, but I will take sunflowers over any others anytime.

These cupcakes from Cupcake Craftts are yummy and smile inducing - the perfect combination for a sweet treat. 

Shlomit Ofir created this beautiful gold graphic sunflower necklace. I am in love with this. (My birthday is Sunday hint hint, lol)

The Nebraska Sunflower soap by Suds by Sarah is natural and fresh and it looks so pretty sitting in a wooden soap dish. Plus it has sunflower petals in it!

Honestly I don't usually go for dolls - their faces kind of creep me out, but I can't resist "Suzie the Sunflower Fairy" by Max Bailey and Elizabeth Ruffing.  The petals around her hair and the butterfly wings are too cute (and her face doesn't weird me out either!)

And finally....

A lot of sunflower products are shall we say...."countrified". Not this chic little clutch by Davie and Chiyo.  The black and white print with the pop of yellow inside is just perfect, proving that sunflowers can be "city-fied" too.

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