Friday, May 21, 2010

Finally an End

This has been a very bad week. I am hoping to start anew next week, but there will be no post today or this weekend. Enjoy your weekend and meet me back here Monday when I hope things will be looking up.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crazy for Crochet?

I have been going back and forth about doing a post on crochet because it reminds me of a grandma- not my grandma, she likes gossip and cards and wine and has never had the patience to handcraft anything - but someone's grandmother. 

Lately I have been seeing crochet everywhere though and a lot of it is beginning to appeal to me. I like the homespun look, the chic crafty feel and the fact that it can be formed into almost anything.  So with only a little trepidation, here we go:

Words cannot describe how gorgeous I think this necklace is. Every piece on Big Frozen Melon makes my heart melt. I have a birthday coming up in case anyone was

Who knew a weapon could be so pretty? I want to buy them just to keep them on an end table. 
Photo courtesy of Ingar Carina.

Just the fact that this crocheted crab exists makes me happy.  Thank you Joana Vasconcelos!

This tank by Covet as seen on Living gwg is unbelievably sexy. Perfect for a sultry summer night out.

For the dork...I mean man in your life...the Mega Man Crochet Helmet by Jenny Dork.

Such a lovely hat for a lovely little girl by Sadie Bear Accessories. The color combo and style is spot-on.

Low-carb dieters can now have their bread and cuddle it too. And he is even Whole Wheat!
Mr. Toastee from Yummy Pancakes on Etsy.

And finally, if nothing else had tickeled my fancy, I could always turn to one of my new favorite reads - the awesome blog, "What Not To Crochet"



Sunday, May 16, 2010

Good Chemistry

Inspired by the above vintage child's microscope from Bella Lulu on Etsy, today I bring you a treasury of chemistry:

Totally unique home decor - it is a Periodic Table Table seen on

I have fallen for this Love Molecule Embroidery by It's A Stitch.

Making science delicious - a Periodic Table made of cupcakes! (Seen on Geekologie)

The only time that an element might be called adorable is when it is crocheted by Prima and Plush. My personal favorite is Mr Ammonia (seen above). 

These vintage chemistry lab chairs would look amazing my house - I need to find out where to buy these! (Seen on Flickr)

Represent for your favorite element with Finest Imaginary's gold mirror chemistry necklaces. 

And even if you don't have any interest in chemistry, test tubes, beakers, vintage text books and other science paraphernalia can be used for gorgeous centerpieces for home and event decor:

Photo courtesy of