Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sniffle, Sniffle....Ah-Choo!

For weeks I have been fighting a cold but it seems to have finally caught up with me today. My nose is running and my throat hurts - no fun at all. But what IS fun is finding all of these smile inducing gifts, perfect for cheering up anyone feeling under the weather:

No one likes to take medicine, but it is definitely more appealing to take your antibiotics when they come from this adorable pill case by Sanrio courtesy of Strapya World.

Love this card by Good Gosh. A great combination of mixed media and photography.

I also laugh out loud every time I read this card from Wry and Ginger. Their entire line of greeting cards are unique and hysterical. 

Normally I love a good cup of hot tea, but when I am sick it is like an herbal overload. I drink so much of it that it becomes a chore to get another drop down, except for Pearl River's Orange Tea. Not only is the metal container bright and cheerful, but the tea itself smells amazing and has such a refreshing taste that I never get tired of it. 

OMG do I want this tea kettle - The Creativi -Tea. It is a solid white vessel until heated and then the graphics appear on the base. I am in LOVE with the Space Invaders version!

So typically I hate tissue covers. I feel like everyone knows there are tissues there so why try to camouflage it with a crocheted doily? But Nerd Approved has changed my mind with this adorable Milk Carton Tissue Holder.

And finally....

Once you're starting to feel better, there is nothing like a shot of liquor to clear the system, lol. This novelty drink dispenser from Boys Stuff is a reminder of all the reasons to get better soon!

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