Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Whatever Happened, Happened

I am not ashamed to say that I think LOST (and all of the marketing and side promotion that went with it) is the most brilliant drama on television. For comedy I would have to go with Arrested Development, but now I am getting side tracked. We shall save the Bluths for another day.  

Every Tuesday night my friends come over and we watch LOST in silence. No one speaks until the commercials and then every break leads to 10-15 people yelling over one another to come up with the best theories.  Normally we mute the ads, but due to a lost remote control the sound was on and despite the raucous, one commercial caught everyone's attention. 

The ad that shut us up was the new Census 2010 ad.  It is vibrant, cheery and perfectly artsy and fun. While it is no trippy cat food commercial, it does inspire me to play and be crafty and....fill out census forms... It definitely inspired me to look up some other clay goodness, and oh to the wonderful things that led me to.

Take a look:

My search brought me first to Camille Young, a polymer clay extraordinaire who makes unbelievable jewelry that is a far, far cry from the mushed together Sculpey pieces I used to try to make.
(P.S. not knocking Sculpey at all. I LOVE it, I am just totally unskilled at it)

I covet Camille's Strawberry necklace and pretty much anything using her  signature leaves (see her blog for a killer tutorial).  It is fanciful and eclectic and would go great with a dress I just bought (hint, hint...)

On the next commercial break we wondered what could be made out of clay that had to do with LOST. You would be amazed at what is out there, but I am especially fond of the Dharma Jewelry from The Clay Collection.  It is small enough so I can be discreet about my geekiness, but bold enough to say "yeah, I know the numbers....so?"

Of course as far as LOST jewelry goes, the piece I have been eyeing and considering buying is actually not made of clay, but since this is probably the only post I will do about the show, I had to include the "Its Stressful Being An Other" necklace from Spiffing Jewelry. 

And now I shall leave you with this: In 2009 in Tel Aviv, three fans LOST recreated scenes of the show with figures of the entire cast that they sculpted from clay (http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1085580.html).  Now THAT is some dedication.

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