Tuesday, April 6, 2010


My parents gave us a crock pot this past weekend. In the time it took me to look up healthy slow cooker recipes, my husband had settled on a dinner of bbq pork with apples, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts and biscuits.  Healthy went out the window, but damn was it tasty. 

Of course now all I can think about is food. To curb my cravings I decided to forgo calories all together and instead binge on some diet friendly, stylish food fun. 

 Get stuffed without eating a bite. 
Go Buggy on Etsy.com (http://www.gobuggy.etsy.com/) makes charming felted and stuffed food. I am torn between the bucket of fish and the double skewers as my favorite, but I think the mushroom on the skewer is darling enough to take it to the top. 

2 Skwers by Go Buggy

People have said to use chopsticks to eat slower and therefore and help manage portion control. The problem is that I am not the most skilled at using chopsticks, and while I would love to eat sushi for lunch, I feel bad subjecting my coworkers to my eel roll flying across the table. Yes, I could do the Macgyver and tie a rubber band around some paper to anchor the sticks together - but World Wide Fred's CHIMPSTICKS are a much cuter way to go (http://www.worldwidefred.com/).

World Wide Fred's CHIMPSTICKS

Need a sugar fix but I don't want to undo the hard work at the gym? 
urn to some taste bud tantalizing food art.

Art by Edith Zimmerman http://www.edithzimmerman.com/blog/

And just in time for my first cup of coffee - one of my all-time favorite blogs "A Beautiful Mess" (http://www.abeautifulmess.typepad.com/) showcased these yummy coffee cozies by my other favorite Twinkie Chan (http://www.twinkiechan.etsy.com/).

Coffee Cozies by Twinkie Chan

Have any of your own food crafts? I'd love to see them! Send a comment or email me at Prettyusefulstuff@yahoo.com.
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