Monday, April 5, 2010

Cleaning up my Act

Every weekend I try to create something new but sometimes life gets in the way of that. Between work, friends, family, my husband and general day-to-day happenings, the art tends to get pushed aside.  This weekend we spring cleaned the house, which meant organizing the art room (insert ominous music here).  To block out the sound of impending dread we cranked up the Sam Cooke music and got to work. 

Beneath piles of sequins, fabric and paint I found a couple of pieces that had been started and never completed.  It made me realize that several things need to happen:

1. I need to nurture my creativity more and realize that creating is just as important as working (at least to maintain my sanity!)
2. I need to stay better organized in the art room so I don't "lose" art pieces
3. I should clean more often

Inspired by all of this, I took a break from cleaning (maybe step 4 should be to stop procrastinating!) and I found some killer organizational accessories and cleaning supplies that are funky, stylish and will hopefully inspire me to clean up my act once and for all.

Laundry is always one of my least favorite chores (My VERY least favorite being vacuuming, but we just moved into a house with hardwood floors to avoid it).  I feel like I should like doing laundry. You get a break in between steps which is always a nice and lazy way of cleaning, but it just feels tedious to me.  However, maybe if my hamper was cuter, I would be more excited about making more trips over to it.  offers some of the most adorable hampers on the market:

Poppy Hamper by HooHobbers

I am lucky that my husband actually finds doing dishes relaxing (freak, lol) so it doesn't come up often that I have my hands in sink water, but if I did - you can be sure I would be rocking these kitchy retro gloves from Julie Meyer on Etsy

Clean InStyle Tulip Gloves by Julie Meyers

When possible, I also recommend using vinegar, lemon juice and all-natural cleaning products in the home. They are safer for the family and the environment and easier on the wallet too.  However, if you are going to be purchasing cleaning supplies a few that make the top of my list are:

1. Method - available at Target and eco-friendly. Love it for ease of access, good fragrance choices and sleek/ modern bottles

2. Mrs. Meyers - available at Also eco-friendly, Mrs. Meyers offers more concentrated scents than Method (not scientific, just my humble opinion).  For me - nothing beats their Geranium cleaner.

3. - new liquid soap packaged in recycled plastic and glass bottles.  Very modern and VERY environmentally friendly.  Love the "labels" on these. 

Soap in an old Heineken Bottle at

Stay clean my friends!

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