Friday, April 9, 2010

Living an Art-Full Life

Finally it is Friday - YAYE! Heading to the Florida Marlins home opener game tonight and the Delray Affair art fest this weekend. 

Monday I will bring you my top picks from the Delray Affair but today I bring you what I call "Living the Art-Full Life".

At Pretty.Useful.Stuff. we pride ourselves on living the art-full life which basically means that we strive to find beauty, creativity and art in everything we do in life.  It can be something as simple as seeing the inspiration of a plastic bag blowing in the breeze (thanks American Beauty) to acknowledging the artistry in a billboard on the highway on the way to work or just to committing ourselves to actively nurturing our creativity.

The Art-Full life is a  happier life and it makes us equally as happy to share it with you! Here are some images to get you started in looking for the art inspirations that surround us:

Cinda Danh focuses her camera on the beauty of newspaper boxes
 (courtesy of

E.O. Wilson showcases inspiration in the form and colors of two ants
 (courtesy of Alexander Wild)

Robert Levy proves that even laundry can be beautiful

From my backyard - Chinese Lantern flowers are nature's creativity bursting out

Keep living the Art-Full life! Happy Friday!

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