Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Mice Will Play

This week I got the very exciting news that I was chosen as one of 5 participants (+1 guest) to be a part of Truly Nolen's Mouse Car Parade!

If you live in South Florida and you see the parade this Saturday (July 24th) wave to us (and if you're on Twitter follow the event at #MousecarParade.

In honor of this event, I am dedicating the rest of my week's posts to pests - creepy, crawly, scurrying and yet somehow kinda cute pests.  And since I get to ride around in a life size mouse this weekend - today is all about Mice.

See - mice can be least in "The Pest" Series Etchings by Achiozza

The chicest mouse I have ever seen.  The Cosmic Mouse Ring by RFXStudios on Etsy.

The House of Mouse makes absolutely irresistible felt mice. I am especially taken with Anakin Skywalker Mouse (above) and Hannibal Lecter Mouse (below). 

Getting married?
Straight from the U.K., you can even have mice as your wedding cake topper:

However, if we're talking edible mice (who would ever think I would be saying that...), I think this cupcake by Martha Stewart (tutorial on Bunny Cakes) is perfect. Though almost too adorable to eat. 

And finally...

Have Your Ever Seen Such A Sight In Your Life?
Three Blind Mice caught and mounted just for you by Craft Sleuth.

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