Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bugging Out

As promised, with only two days left until the Truly Nolen Mousecar Parade (in case you are following #MousecarParade on Twitter), today's Etsy Thursday Treasury is all about pests.

Art Nouveau Print by Kiri Moth Designs.

Buggin My Soap Line (several insect types) Handmade by Hilary.

Steampunk Insect Ring by Edme Designs

Latex Art Zen Gown by Black Lickorish

Matching Mother/ Daughter Ants Apron by SunnieHills0729

The Ghost of That Bug You Smushed Magnet by Paper Fruit Hair

4 Bees Vinyl Wall Decal and Over Sized Ant Wall Decal by Wilson Graphics

And finally....

My favorite cockroach of all time, from Family Guy.
"Good, Good...."

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