Friday, July 23, 2010

Art-Full Friday: Bug Beauty

Bugs are art-full without even trying. Today as part of my "Week of Pests", I take a look at all things buggy and beautiful.  And don't forget, tomorrow you can follow our tweets as we participate in the Truly Nolen Mousecar Parade: @EmilyontheAve, @TrulyNolen, @FloridaFrecks, @ViceQueenMaria, @AmandaStewart and @Jarret23.  Monday I will be posting a recap with pics of the event, but for now- on to the insects!

Dragonflies are my favorite bugs. I love how their wings look like intricate lace. 
Photo courtesy of Dimiter Hristov.

This is an actual Katydid and not a photoshopped insect as I originally thought. Looks like Mother Nature created a bug just for me ;)
Photo seen on Veg Web.

Totally impressed at the patience this must have taken. This is an actual ant hill in Africa. What crafty bugs!
Photo courtesy of Trek Earth.

Speaking of artistic animals-this castle looking structure is actually a Termite Mound in Cape York, Australia.
Photo courtesy of Portland House.

I definitely could not talk about art-full bugs without mentioning spiders. Their webs fascinate me with their delicate strength and incredible designs. 
Photo seen on PK Photography.

Again, nature at its best. Dewdrops on a spider web make for an all natural piece of art.
Photo courtesy of LeBell.

And finally...

This statue in Japan is made of hundreds of thousands of dead bugs.
Interesting and gross and beautiful all at the same time.
Photo seen on Zichi Art.


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