Monday, May 10, 2010

Windmill Mania

I fell in love with windmills when we took a tour of Amsterdam's countryside to see tulip fields, a cheese auction, clog makers and huge, powerful and absolutely beautiful windmills.  I guess many other people are fascinated by them as well because today is

  Of course the Netherlands aren't the only ones with windmills. As a matter of fact, according to the U.S. Energy Information Association reported that as of 2008 the United States ranked first in the world in wind power capacity. Here are some items that celebrate windmills in all shapes, sizes and locations:

Such a cute mug by Bella Joy Pottery. On the flip side are skyscrapers and they call this their "Are you a city mouse? Or a country mouse?" mug. 

This card by einnej is definitely for a country mouse but it is such beautiful papercut art that even a city mouse would find it chic.

Promote alternative energy with this Wind Farm Shirt by Happy Family.

Pamela J's Vintage Windmill Pendant is gorgeous. I love the look on the lady's face and the rainbow of colors make me smile. 

Blow away the other throw pillows with Dwell in Style's Hand Printed "Wind Power" Pillow.

And finally here are some of my favorite windmill paintings:

Van Gogh's “Le Blute-fin Mill”

Windmill Painting by Steve Fazzio

Windmill / Bastrop Paintings by C.M. Henderson

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