Friday, May 14, 2010

Trashy Talk

Back in college I met a very nice guy. Everything was going great until I called his dorm room one night and asked what he was doing. The response: "I'm hanging garbage on my wall."  Well my roommate and I figured he meant garbage facetiously but when we got to his room, sure enough there he was taping up balled up pieces of paper, empty pizza boxes, soda bottles, gum wrappers and more.  Above it all was a big sign that said "Cleanliness is Next to Godliness." Three days later the room smelled, the relationship was over and until yesterday the entire incident had slipped my mind.

But yesterday my desk area was a mess- covered in papers and wrapping and boxes and a co-worker reminded me about cleanliness' proximity to Godliness. And then I read an article on recycled Outsider Art and I thought, "maybe that guy was on to something..."

For today's Art-Full Friday I have created a mini showcase of those who are able to see the art in garbage:

Artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster create amazing installations using light projected onto piles of household trash. Absolutely amazing.

Trashy People - part of the Persian Gulf Environmental Art Festival Courtesy of River Art.


The rusting tire and burned out car are just two examples of the many beautiful photographic images of garbage seen on

I don't know if I find this beautiful (like a man made valley) or so horrifying (for all the environmental reasons), but I do know that no one but Edward Burtnysky could create such a stunning photo of a pile of tires. 

The Naka Incineration Plant in Hiroshima is probably the most artistic and architecturally gorgeous trash-related building in the world.  Architect Yoshio Taniguchi calls it his "Museum of Garbage."

And finally....

Beautify your street corner with these Goldfish Trashbags created by Wieden & Wendy.  I think it would be funny just to see the waste management crew's reaction to them. Each bag is 14 gallons, sturdy and printed to look like there are real goldfish in them.

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