Friday, May 28, 2010

In My Own Back Yard

I tend to work in an office or home office and a rarely get outside in the daylight hours to truly appreciate the artistry of the earth. For today's Art-full Friday I took my camera into my own backyard to explore the beauty of nature:

The thin, tiny branches that crawl across the wall of the house thrill me. They would make a gorgeous fabric.

Under the canopy of trees in the backyard

One of the few pops of color in the mostly green yard. The contrast of colors and the soft "spikes" of this flower make it one of my favorites in the yard.

The mango tree is beginning to thrive again. 

Ticked by the mini white flowers within the bright purple petals

I have always liked that these berries look frosted, as if they were fake Christmas decorations. 

Another one of my favorites. These flowers collect the dew in fascinating ways creating watercolor like patters on their paper thin petals.

Mother Nature strikes again. A seemingly ordinary palm tree leaf becomes a work of art when the light hits in just the right way.

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