Saturday, May 29, 2010

How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes! ~Maya Angelou

Still planning your Memorial Day bash?
Here are some inspirations on what to wear, what to serve and quick and easy ways to decorate.

Meryl Streep, classy and gorgeous as always in a patriotic Catherine Malandrino dress.  

If head-to-toe red, white and blue too much for you, this simple yet stunning leather necklace is a DIY piece of cake. M&J Trimming has a great tutorial that will show you how to put this together in about 20 minutes.
Not a do-it-yourself type of girl? Any outfit from a sundress to a pair of old shorts and a tank top looks chic and put together with a great hat. I am especially in love with this floppy striped hat from the Gap.

Since Memorial Day marks the start of summer, start it off hot in a traffic stopping, party starting bombshell sundress from Pin-up Girl Clothing.

Now YOU look good, Let's quickly dress your party. 

Photo courtesy of
The dollar store has hundreds of pinwheels this time of year - snag a handful and place in white or glass containers scattered across the table and you've got a playful centerpiece.

Photo courtesy of faveflowers on Flickr
Glass containers of any type can be found at the dollar store and you probably have some in your house already.  Fill them with alternating layers of any appropriately colored items. Fave Flowers (above) used petals but blue colored candy, rice or white mints and red hots (all available at the dollar store or local grocery store) would work as well.

Whew! All done - now....ready for a drink?

Slash Food introduced me to one of my favorite Americana inspired drinks - the Starfruit and Stripes Daquiri. Visit their site for the recipe for this sweet (and potent) drink and many more. 

Since I am no grill master and I do believe Memorial Day is all about BBQ, I will let someone else blog about the main courses but for dessert, I have a few personal faves:

Cream Cheese Strawberries are delicious and a snap to make. People expect it to be white chocolate so it is a pleasing cheesecake like surprise.  Find the simple steps here.

Photo courtesy of
Bake these fresh or use a favorite cheat of mine. Go to your local bakery and pick up plain cupcakes and just top with fresh fruit. No one will know you didn't make the entire thing.

You know you have made Jell-o shots so you know how to do this. Grab a star shaped cookie cutter and some food coloring and go to town.  You can't mess this up.

Have fun and enjoy your weekend. Be safe and I will see you back here Tuesday!

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