Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Immigrant Punk : Gogol Bordello Inspirations

If you haven't already heard Gogol Bordello, now is the time. They are an amazing Gypsy punk band (and lead singer Eugene Hutz was impressive in Everything is Illuminated). 

I love the fashion, the lifestyle and the complete and utter madness. Feeling it too? Here are some Gogol Bordello / Gypsy Punk inspired pieces to get you started:

These are insanely gorgeous.  Dark Mystic Earrings by PixiE GlamouR.

Gold Hammer & Sickle Necklace seen on SupermarketHQ

"Start Wearing Purple, Wearing Purple...." (Fave GB song)
Such a pretty and comfortable dress by Gypsy05

Ridiculously more comfortable than heels - I adore these handwoven strap hippie shoes from Jildor Shoes.

The Gypsy Kiss offers How-Tos and Links for amazing Gypsy fashion including this SteamPunk Hat above.

And Finally....

Since you know I can't resist anything Hello Kitty - how much does this shirt rock? Sadly it is sold out but Jester Funny Books has many other great products as well. 

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