Monday, July 12, 2010

Age is an Issue of Mind Over Matter. If You Don't Mind-It Doesn't Matter. - Mark Twain

Yesterday was my 30th birthday. Today's quick post is in honor of 30th birthdays everywhere:

Photo courtesy of Photo Bucket

I'm not the biggest fan of the pointy cone birthday party hats, but I would wear this handmade birthday crown by Glam Hatter any day. 

30 Tulips make for a lovely 30th birthday gift.  Prestat in the UK has the prettiest bouquet of tulips around, but any local florists will do special bunches of 30 for you. 

"He Told Her He'd Lasso the Moon"
The moon would be a perfect gift, but so is this Glicee by Jessica Jane Sublett.  It is a beautiful tribute to the 30's and such a chic gift for a flirty thirty.

Kharygoarts creates custom made cake toppers that can match any style, personality and occasion.  I love the detail in her pieces. You can see the time and love put into each one.

And finally....

Just for fun: 30 Things That Look Like Pac Man, lol. Courtesy of Smosh. 

P.S. The Frisky is a favorite web site of mine and in November they posted a list of "30 Skills Every Woman Should Have Before Turning 30." I am happy to say I have mastered (or pretend to have mastered) every one - how about you?

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