Thursday, May 6, 2010

Turning Frowns Upside Down

Everyone seems to be dragging this week, and I can't imagine today is going to be any different with all of last night's Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Keeping that in mind, today's Thursday Etsy Treasury is all about keeping things bright, happy and fresh.  These items put a smile on my face - I hope they do the same for you!

Big bow - check. Bright color - check. Durable denim - check. I think I might have to buy this purse by MyTIDA

While I may not be the handiest in the kitchen - I know how to look good in one! Next time I burn banana bread I hope I am wearing something as cute as this apron from Pretty Little Pearl.
I am in looooooove. He is pink, cuddly, handmade - and looks like he is up to something. This Amiguri Monkey by Cute Designs might be my handcrafted soul mate. 

I can't imagine the time that went into creating this bowl by Lucky Luly. I wouldn't have the patience to make it, but it is so bright and pretty I definitely have the desire to buy it!

Sometimes you just have to go bold and this ring by Everyday Diamonds makes it impossible for your hands to go unnoticed. It is half girly, half goth and totally irresistible.

Popcorn shaped soap that smells like cotton candy by LoveLee Soap!
This would make a perfect movie night guest gift.

And since you can't eat the popcorn, I had to include these gorgeous Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies by Meg's Cookie Jar. They remind me of Tiffany's so now I want food and diamonds....


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