Friday, May 7, 2010

Ten Unique and Art-Full Advertisements

Advertisements can be informative, interesting, funny and beautiful...and sometimes, they can be downright weird. Those are my favorite kinds!

Here are ten strange and creative advertisements for Art-Full Friday:

Amazingly innovative ad idea for IWC

Cute bench advertisement from Denver Water

This ingenious marketing for 3M's Security Glass featured real money inside of a bus stop terminal.  

Bloody, multi-dimensional and a definite traffic stopper. Such a great ad for Kill Bill.

I have no idea what I am looking at here in this Ben and Jerry's ad...but it's definitely unforgettable!

This water safety fixture is totally upsetting but a great visual effect. I wonder how many people try to save the child before realizing he is fake?

Phenomenal effect in this Miele Vacuum billboard

Thanks to the Kitsch Bitch for this one. She said it best..."Um....Happy Earth Day?"

This ad for KayaKing Peanuts just makes me laugh.

And last but not least....

Gillette's totally disturbing and strange painted ad for safety razors, apparently safe enough for babies??? 

What is your favorite crazy advertisement?

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