Thursday, April 29, 2010

Poetry Is An Echo, Asking a Shadow To Dance - Carl Sandburg

Not much in the world thrills me as much as beautiful words. I collect quotes, poetry, manuscripts, books - anything written, which is why I am so excited that today is National Poem In Your Pocket Day!

Today's Thursday Treasury features gorgeous poetry related items from across Etsy:

Henry David Thoreau Wall Decal by rEvolv3r Apparel

A chic homage to the dark poet Poe.
The Raven Nevermore Necklace from Ursula and Olive

My favorite Shakespeare sonnet!
She Walks In Beauty Inscribed Ring by Christen Largent  

One of the more cheerful Sylvia Plath things you will ever see!
 Quote Print by 3Lambs Graphics

I was named for Emily Dickinson and have always been a fan.
Beautiful Poetry Print from Art By Andrea

Perfect nursery decor - Shel Silverstein is another of my all-time favorites.
Anything Can Be Shel Silverstein Wall Decal by Single Stone Studios

So pretty!
Bird with Ribbon and DH Lawrence Poetry Bowl by Amongst Lovely Things

Haha love it! 
1.25" Pin or Magnet by Bean Forest

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