Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How Can I Control My Life When I Can't Control My Hair?

Confession: While you are talking to me, I am probably thinking about your hair. Sure eyes are great and smiles are important, but nothing wows me as much as a woman with no split ends. Hair is a common theme in my life. As a child I bit my blonde friend with the hopes that my dark locks would lighten. My first paid, published article was based on that very event.  I have dyed my hair with Kool-Aid, Henna, Manic Panic and dye on the market.  It has been every color imaginable except green and blue and it has been cut in just as many styles. I like to sit in a stylist's chair and say, "Surprise me."  But enough about me, here are some other hair obsessed folks who have taken it to greater heights:

At the Imperia Vodka Hair Competition new heights wasn't an exaggeration.  Thanks to Natalie West for the pic!

I might add that Project Runway is another one of my obsessions and Chris March's clothing made with real human hair was one of the most unforgettable collections in the show's history. 

Of course no hair is more unforgettable than Medusa's head of snakes. Even she had to tame her mane as depicted in this great print by artist Nancy Farmer

"Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair" Art Print by 2nd Coming cracks me up. 

I also get a good laugh from this Vintage Novelty Hair Dryer.  I feel like you could really freak out the neighbors if they caught a glimpse of you aiming this at your head in the bathroom one morning...

In an ultimate act of patience and recycling, Beijing hairdresser Huang Xin celebrated the 60th anniversary of Communist China’s founding with a replica of the buildings and monuments around Tiananmen Square – all made entirely of human hair. Photo and info courtesy of Mental Floss.

And finally......

What you are looking at is hair.  The NY Times reports: "According to Matter of Trust, a San Francisco environmental charity, the ridged texture that helps hair sop up natural skin oils also make it effective at catching crude. The group began taking donations 10 years ago to create hair mats for smaller spills and have been in the national spotlight since the Gulf oil spill.  Learn more at Matter of Trust's web site.

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