Monday, April 19, 2010

Without The Rain, There Would Be No Rainbows

Rain coats are cute, but I LOVE umbrellas. They can enhance the look of an outfit, express personal style and be whimsical, romantic, mysterious and even trend-setting.  They can be used in decor, art or yes....even to keep youself dry on a rainy day.  Bring on the rain:

Images above courtesy of The Crooked Brains Blog who created
an amazing gallery of umbrella art installations.

This graffiti appeared in New Orleans, USA in August and was part of a spree of new Banksy Graffiti to mark the anniversary of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.
This high-quality print is from Visual Creatures on Etsy. 

The Umbrella by luminatii evokes sadness and loneliness in its beauty.

And just the opposite, Fashion Fucsia's Marie and Umbrellas is pure happiness.

Art Shark Design's City Love prints are sooo sweet.
I can't wait until they do a Florida set!

Ready Made Magazine gives instructions on how to make this retro-inspired umbrella pendant lamp. I am a little superstitious though (about opening umbrellas inside)...does this lamp trap the bad luck in between? ;)

And some of my favorite umbrellas:

Bella Pagoda B&W Pinwheel at

Illegal to own, but really badass

guy de jean's sexy umbrellas - produced by guy de jean for jean paul gaultier, 2006 -2008
Courtesy of Popgloss

My inner geek adores this very much - it looks like a lightsaber!

Sleek, modern, playful and space saving - Splash is the most design-versatile piece on the market.  Created by Japanese designer, Yasuhiro Asana, this umbrella stand is shaped like water splashing out of a puddle and can store both wet and dry umbrellas. (Great find from!)

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