Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nothing Rhymes with Orange Robot

Despite my husband's protests, about every 6 months I redecorate the house.  We have had walls in red, lime, purple, cream, turquoise, tiled, patterned with stripes, swirls, wall decals, and even an alien mural.  Currently my obsession is finding the perfect shade of orange, a decor color I have loved ever since Nickelodeon's Big Orange Couch. 

My first attempt came out a little too yellow for my taste but while looking for something with some more red in it I found the perfect color in the most perfect little burst of inspiration - Richard Wilkenson's "Orange Robot".

Sadly, the man of the house wasn't too sure about orange, so I set out to show him how fantastic an orange room can be:


The I found the room that sealed the deal:

Inspiration Room by Åsa Clerksén at Family Living Magazine

If you put a robot in a room, all of a sudden my husband will look past anything - orange walls, flowered wall decals - heck he would probably even be into that spotted dog rug....just as long as there is a robot. 

And oh, there will be robots because currently they are running amok in home decor everywhere. Suddenly my husband, and brother I might add, are totally in style:

Shana Logic has Robot Hand Towels and the super sweet Robot With Headphones Print

Thanks to the blog The Invisible Agent I was made aware of some incredibly cool robot lamps on Ebay.

My heart is fluttering with love for this pillow and if only I had a spare $79.00, it would be mine, all mine...
Rr is for Robot Romance Pillow by One Roof Designs on Etsy

And who knew that Devo singer Mark Mothersbaugh is an artist whose latest venture is a series of rugs, including a series of robots?!? My favorite is Super Thing 3000 (seen below) but there are many styles, all available in 2 sizes.

Robot Rugs courtesy of Robot Living
**By the way - I can't find who made that dog rug or where to find it, but I absolutely adore it - from it's big paws to its googly eyes.  Does anyone know who made it? **

In my search, I did however find the coolest rug that has ever existed and I just ordered the taxidermy catalog to make my own (thanks to a killer tutorial from creator Hemi Housewife on Crafster http://www.crafster.org/ - the bible for all things crafty). 

Animal Friendly Fake Taxidermy Rug / Tutorial:

"Dōmo arigatō, Mr. Roboto"

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